Design Technology

Design Technology

Then eat of what Allah has provided for you [which is] lawful and good. And be grateful for the favour of Allah , if it is [indeed] Him that you worship. Surah An-Nahl – (16:114)

At Abu Bakr Girls School we offer Design Technology at KS3. The pupils will experience both food technology and textiles. Pupils learn about nutrition, food preparation and textiles. Design Technology combines aspects of science, nutrition, cooking and essential life skills. Pupils learn about the inter-relationships between diet, health, family, home and the management of resources.

Food Technology

Food Technology gives pupils a valuable insight into:

* What’s really in the food we eat everyday;

* How to plan and cook nutritious and economical meals;

* How to choose the best food for themselves and their family;

* The importance of good nutrition and health; and

* The role of the consumer in modern eating patterns.

It is our aim at Abu Bakr to equip girls with the skills and knowledge, to encourage good health and a positive attitude to food throughout life.


In textile lessons pupils will learn about:

* Different fabrics, fibres and finishes;

* How to produce textiles items;

* Different processes of creating fabrics from raw materials;

* Pupils will have the opportunity to design their own unique creation utilising skills which they have learnt in textile lessons.

Design Technology provides scope for developing skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes through creative, practical and work-related activities. Pupils will develop skills that are recognised as being important for success in the world of work and are essential to being a responsible citizen and a confident individual.

design technology
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